“Beauty And The Beast” Promo Video Clips, Behind The Scenes With Emma Watson

Disney’s live-action retelling of their animated Beauty and the Beast is approaching its theatrical first appearance, and now fans can go behind the scenes with Belle (Emma Watson).

The studio launched two new promotion clips, the 1st one being “Timeless Tale”. In the video Watson greets audiences to the world of Beauty and the Beast, saying “It has been a dream to carry Belle to life in this wonderful and timeless tale, and I can not wait for you to watch it.”

In the 2nd video, Disney Channel speaks to Watson about how it feels to be a part of a treasured classic, and she admits that there is some pressure to get it right. “It seems like more stress than normal. Don not screw this up! because I love it so much, it means a lot to me.”

Beauty and the Beast is the great journey of Belle, a shiny, wonderful and beautiful young woman who is taken captive by a beast in his castle. Despite her worries, she befriends the castle’s captivated staff and understands to look beyond the Beast’s horrible exterior and recognize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within.

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